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Why sponsorship matters– and how you can help

There are literally millions of orphans in Malawi. UNICEF estimates that as many as 1 in 5 children have lost one or both of their parents. All around us are children who could desperately use our help. But years ago, we made the difficult decision that we would only help those we could help well. To do this, we seek out the most vulnerable children in our community, admit them into our programs a handful at a time and work on getting them sponsored. It’s only once all our children are fully sponsored that we can begin admitting new children again.

It is truly heart wrenching to see the tremendous need around us… We do what we can to still provide for children outside our program through our feeding centers and church planting initiatives—but there’s so much more we know we could do for these kids if they were enrolled in our sponsorship programs.

That’s why we’re always looking for sponsors. That’s why as soon as one child is sponsored, we celebrate and get working on the next one. As soon as all our current children are sponsored, we can begin welcoming more! And oh, dear friends, there are so many more.


Sweet Chifundo still needs one sponsor at $40 a month. Will it be you?

Sweet Chifundo still needs one sponsor at $40 a month. Will it be you?



We currently care for 75 children through our residential  and community  sponsorship programs. Every child needs 2 sponsors (or a doubly generous single sponsor) to be considered fully sponsored. Of our kids, 29 are fully sponsored, 44 are partially sponsored and 2 have no sponsors at all. We want this summer to be the summer when that all changes. Join us in our sponsorship summer challenge: help us find the 46 remaining sponsors we need by the time school starts back up again in September! Below are some great ways that you can help us do that:

Sponsor a child yourself: If you don’t sponsor a child yet, then ask yourself, what’s holding you back? $40 a month might seem like a daunting commitment, but here’s a little perspective: that’s equivalent to packing a lunch instead of eating out at work 4 days out of the month, or trading in 1 date night every month for a movie and popcorn at home, or doing your nails at home instead of springing for a mani-pedi. Think about it. Those minor sacrifices for you could make all the difference in a child’s future.

-Sponsor a child as a family: As followers of Jesus, there are few values more important to instill in our children than generosity. So call a family meeting and figure out how you can all come together to love and provide for a child. Maybe the family can skip pizza night once a month or give up soda, or maybe each person can decide to contribute part of their allowance or paycheck every month. The important thing is for the whole family to be in it together.

-Sponsor a child as a group: A church small group made all the difference to our dear Enelesi! Thanks to this group coming together, she is now fully sponsored. If you’re a part of a Bible study, youth group, Sunday school class or community group, then you’re in the perfect position to sponsor a child. All it takes is a few dollars from every group member a month to provide for a child in Malawi!

-Host a sponsorship coffee: If you have a heart for the children of Malawi and a group of friends that does too, then gather them together in your home for a laid-back afternoon of coffee, sharing and prayer. Someone from Pure Mission will share about our sponsorship programs and tell the stories of some of our children still in need of sponsors, then lead the group in a time of prayer for each child. The more people we have praying for and spreading the word about our kiddos, the better! If you’re interested in hosting a coffee, let us know at:

Let the sponsorship summer challenge begin!


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