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The Martins and the Ferns are going to have a new home!

God has made one thing really clear to us:
He wants us to focus on the long term.
He wants us to invest.
He wants us to put down roots.
He wants us to build. So build we will.


It’s with great excitement that we announce the next big step we are taking at Pure Mission: the construction of spacious, long-term housing for missionary families on our Esther’s House campus. We’re calling it “The Lodge.” It will have two separate housing units, each with three bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Once it’s completed, The Lodge will completely transform the way our missionaries do their ministry.

For the Martin family, it will allow them to make their ministry a lifestyle—rather than a 9-to-5 job. Currently, the Martins live 12 miles away from Esther’s House: Casey commutes to work and Bonnie and the kids make it out there twice a week at most. Their home life is completely removed from their ministry and that’s not how they want it to be.

“The Lodge would change my world,” Bonnie said. “We could be involved in the kids’ lives after 5 pm. Our kids could play with them in the evening, we could have them over.”


C_FernFor Titus and Ashley Fern, The Lodge will open the door for them to make a longer-term commitment to Esther’s House. Currently, they live in a converted dorm room in the boys’ hall and while it’s been for them so far, it’s not a place where they can raise a family.

“The Lodge would allow for us to invest in a longer term plan here in Malawi rather than a 2 year term,” Ashley said. “It would allow us to have a place for our children in the near future and we could have our staff, residential children, and Malawian friends over to visit and build community.

Once The Lodge is built, it will allow all our missionary families to live on campus, rubbing shoulders with their teammates, the children they love and the community they serve. It will give our missionaries a long-term place to call home, a place to raise their families, a place to host their Malawian friends.

We couldn’t be more excited about this next step. If it excites you too, then build with us!

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