By committing to sponsor a widow or orphan at Esther’s House, you are not only helping meet their immediate needs; you are making an investment in their future. Thanks to your support, we provide over 80 children with a warm meal, tutoring, skills training and discipleship every day. We give them medical treatment, clothes, shoes and lots and lots of hugs. We house 8 children without homes on our campus where they are growing up in the care of loving house parents. And we supply 70 widows with seeds and fertilizer to grow their crops, cloth to sew dresses for themselves and medical care. Above all, we make sure everyone we serve hears the message of Jesus’ great love for them. When you choose to sponsor someone, you make all this possible for them– and you make a friend in Malawi while you’re at it! We’re committed to building relationships between sponsors and those they support: you’ll get the chance to send your child letters and packages, you’ll get the chance to visit them and you’ll watch them grow up.

Change a life. Sponsor someone today.