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It is hard to believe that almost 2 years ago (Oct.) we boarded a plane with our kids and earthly belongings and moved to Malawi. At the time we had been family of 6 for a short 6 weeks and really had no idea what living in a 3rd world country might look like. !

In 2 years, our family has changed in many ways. We have fallen in love with 82 kids, been received graciously by “the warm heart of Africa, made a lot of mistakes, have seen God move in people’s lives through this ministry, developed many relationships, started our 3rd year of homeschool, seen God sustain us through different stresses and trials, and have realized that we have a lot more to learn and do than 2 years can give us. Malawi has become our “home”. After a lot of prayer and discussions, we feel like God’s answer for us is to “stay” and continue the work that He has laid out for us!

We are eternally grateful for all of you as you have given and prayed for us to do the work that God has called us to the last 2 years. We humbly come to you asking you to stick with us and continue your partnerships with our family. This work here is something that we can’t do with out each one of you. Your giving, prayers, emails and texts sustain us and provide an unbelievable amount of encouragement when the going gets tough!!

We are humbled to have the privilege of working with Pure Mission and serving at Esther’s House in Malawi, Africa. Malawi is a country roughly the size of Mississippi that boasts 15 million residents; approximately 1 million of those are orphans. David and I are serving as the Children’s Program Directors at Esther’s House, along with some construction and communication aspects. We love getting to build relationships with the children in our residential and community programs as we enroll orphans, advocate for sponsors, train Malawian house parents, and work on developing educational excellence.

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The desire to live in Africa began to grow in our hearts throughout college, as we became followers of Jesus. We knew God was preparing and convicting us to give our lives to fight for justice and love the poor, as Jesus did and calls us to do.

During college in 2015, Leah had her 3-month public health internship at Esther’s House and fell in love with the kids, widows, staff and country. Now two years later, God opened the door to allow us to serve and live with the people of Malawi as long-term missionaries.

Partnering with Pure Mission and serving at Esther’s House is so exciting for us, as we are using the passions we have to care for the least of these in Malawi. Along with planting churches and evangelism, we are doing health education classes, medical missions teams, feeding centers, sports ministry, child sponsorships, agriculture, construction projects, and much more.

We cannot do this alone, so we truly appreciate your prayers, support, and encouragement as we do life in Malawi.
If you’d like to stay updated on our current adventures and learn more about what makes us tick, follow Leah’s blog http://midwesttomalawi.blogspot.com

We are blown away by all God has done,
and will do in this rural village in Malawi.

Isaiah 1:17 “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”