You’ve read the Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you,” — Matthew 28:19. And perhaps you’ve thought, “That isn’t for me. I’m an accountant/engineer/businessman– not a missionary.” Well, you’re wrong. You are a missionary; Jesus has called you to make disciples using the training, gifts and talents He gave you. He may be calling you to do this right where you are, whether that’s Oklahoma, New York City or London, England. Or He may be calling you further out: to the unreached, to the fatherless, to the unwanted.

UNICEF estimates that 1 in 5 children in Malawi has lost one or both parents. And the Joshua Project estimates that 15 precent of the country has never heard the Gospel. Let those two statistics tug at your heart for a moment. “OK, that’s terrible,” you may think, “but I’m still just an accountant/engineer/businessman. What can I do to help?” In short: everything. More likely than not, we need you exactly as you are, doing exactly what you’re doing right here in Malawi.

That’s why we call our missionaries vocational missionaries. We don’t want to pluck you out of your vocation to do missions for a while; we want you to use your vocation as your mission. Whether you’re a dentist, a professor or an economist, there is work for you to do here as a part of our Pure Mission team. Below is a list of positions that most urgently need to be filled:

  • Construction director: Oversee construction of new church buildings and feeding centers around the country and new buildings on Esther’s House campus; oversee purchasing of supplies; manage construction teams; make modifications to building plans as necessary.
  • Hospitality and short-term team coordinator: Recruit short-term teams; communicate with team leaders to establish goals and itineraries for teams; prepare housing accommodations; oversee airport pickup and drop-off; travel with teams to different sites around the country; manage teams’ funds.
  • Nutritional director: Work with our Esther’s House cooks to design and produce nutritional meals using available materials; coordinate with our agricultural director to grow necessary ingredients for a balanced, nutritional diet; assist our feeding center managers with distributing food.
  • Youth and sports ministry director: Organize and lead the weekly youth group; organize daily sports activities; lead Bible studies and coordinate one-on-one discipleship with older children
  • Nurse: Perform first aid when necessary; provide basic treatment for simple illnesses; accompany children and staff to local hospital when necessary; perform annual checkups for all missionaries, staff, children and widows.
  • Transition Counselor: Provide one-on-one counseling and therapy to children entering our program; monitor their transition and make recommendations to teachers.



Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I apply?

We are always in need of more Godly men and women to serve on our team and accept applications on a rolling basis. However, our application process is fairly long and involved, so if you’d like to get to know us better before you jump in, feel free to contact us and we can set up a time to meet or Skype.

What qualifications do I need in order to apply?

We need people from a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications, so regardless of who you are or where you’re at in life, we probably have a place for you on our team. That being said, we do have one universal qualification that we look for in any applications: we expect all our missionaries to be mature, devout Christians, willing to live sacrificially for the Kingdom of God. If you aren’t sure what we mean by that, take a look at our Statement of Faith.

Is this a paid position?

Yes– and no. Our whole organization exists thanks to the support of generous donors. We cover our operating costs for Esther’s House by raising up one-time donations and by recruiting monthly sponsors. These funds go almost entirely to Malawi to pay our Malawian staff salaries, feed our children and widows, furnish our classrooms, transport food to our feeding centers– and all the other things we do.

We pay our missionaries out of a completely separate account– also funded by one-time donations and monthly sponsors. While we provide all the help we can in finding these donors, its ultimately up to you to ensure you are fully funded by raising support before you leave and while you are living in Malawi.

How much will I need to raise? 

That depends on how big your family is, but to give you an idea, we expect that a family of 4 will need to raise $23,000 in one-time donations (for airfare, shipping a container, renting appliances and furnishings, etc.) and about $2,000-2,500 in monthly donations (for rent, insurance, food, etc.).

What sort of training and preparation will I receive before I go?

We require all our missionaries to attend Support Raising Bootcamp as soon as they’ve committed to serving with Pure Mission. This 4-day seminar will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to raise your own support. After that, you’ll begin regular meetings/Skype meetings with our staff in the US and our current missionaries in Malawi to go through cultural training, an overview of Esther’s House policies and procedures, an overview of our safety protocols, basic first aid training, and spiritual preparation.

How long do your missionaries usually serve?

We ask all our full-time missionaries to start out with a two-year commitment, but many of our missionaries have chosen to renew their contracts after that period and remain in the country for many years more.