Borrowed Talent is a rigorous, hands-on internship program designed to help students put into practice what they’re learning in the classroom and explore the various facets of overseas ministry. We work closely with students and their faculty advisers to design an internship that will meet their university requirements and fulfill the academic or career interests of the student. Students can choose between a summer, semester or year-long internship.

Interns will live on our Esther’s House campus in the Ncheu region of Malawi and will work alongside our full-time missionaries and Malawian staff. We currently have openings for the following positions

  • Pre-school teaching assistant: Assist preschool teacher in planning and executing lessons; assist with after-school tutoring and skills classes; assist educational director with administrative tasks. (Depending on training and interest, intern may teach entire classes on his/her own)
  • Computer skills teacher: Teach computer skills to primary and secondary school students, including basic word processing, Excel and typing skills; manage computer lab.
  • Supply replenishment coordinator: Manage supply inventory for food, construction materials, medical supplies, etc; make trips to purchase necessary supplies; restock and redistribute supplies as needed.
  • Short-term team coordinator: Prepare housing accommodations for short-term teams; communicate with team leader to finalize team itinerary ahead of visit; serve as point person to assist teams once they’ve arrived in country.
  • Financial assistant: Assist director of finance with day-to-day bookkeeping, cash disbursements and administrative tasks.
  • Communications and media liaison: write regular updates for the Pure Mission blog; take photos and videos as needed; produce long-term storytelling project.
  • Nutritional assistant: Assist our Esther’s House cooks with designing and producing nutritional meals; assist our feeding center managers with distributing food.
  • Agricultural assistant: Assist with manual labor in the fields and in the gardens; assist with general upkeep of the Esther’s House grounds; assist the agricultural director with developing new farming techniques.
  • Youth and sports ministry: Organize and lead the weekly youth group; organize daily sports activities; one-on-one discipleship with older children
  • Nurse/ First-aid caregiver: Perform first aid when necessary; provide basic treatment for simple illnesses; perform basic checkups for children and widows as necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I apply?

We accept applications on a rolling basis, so go ahead and apply any time. However, we would recommend that you apply at least 6 months before your desired start date, as our review process can take up to 2 months and you will need several months to fundraise, train and prepare. You can start your online application here.

What sort of preparation will I receive before I go?

You’ll “meet” regularly over Skype with our missionaries in Malawi in order to get a clear idea of what life is like there: they’ll prepare you for the cultural differences you’ll face and they’ll walk you through what life is like at Esther’s House. We will also send you a list of recommended reading to do before you go. If you plan to fundraise to cover the costs of your internship, you will also have the option to attend Support Raising Bootcamp.

Is this a paid internship?

Unfortunately, we can’t pay you– but don’t take it personally; we don’t pay any of our foreign missionaries. We want every dollar that donors give us to go straight to Malawi, so we ask our missionaries– and interns– to cover their expenses by raising support. We realize that might be a terrifying prospect, but it shouldn’t be. You’ll be surprised how supportive your church, friends and family will be. And we’ll be here to walk you through the whole support raising process.

How much will I need to raise?

That will depend on how long your internship is and how much airfare costs at the time you travel. But generally, you should expect to pay about $3000-3500 for travel, visa and other one-time expenses (such as buying a bicycle for you to get around on in-country). After that, we expect you’ll need between $1500-1700 a month to cover all your expenses: food, lodging, cell phone and internet, visa renewals, transportation, etc. While those figures might sound high, if you add it all up, a semester with Pure Mission will still almost always cost you less than any other semester abroad programs out there.

What should I expect from this internship?

You should expect it to be rigorous and demanding– if you’re looking for a vacation to Africa that can add a couple pictures with cute babies to you Instagram, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’re going to treat you like one of the team. You’ll have a full-time job with responsibilities and people counting on you. That being said, this internship is just as much about you as it is about us. We want to see you grow and learn, so you should expect us to do everything we can to make that happen: our missionaries will disciple you, teach you new skills and help you process what you’re learning. We’ll ask you to set goals and desired outcomes from this internship and then do everything we can to help you meet them. And lastly, you should expect it to be really fun. You’re going to be in the “warm heart of Africa,” surrounded by natural beauty in all its forms. While you’re going to work hard, we’ll also do our best to give you plenty of free time to explore, relax and make incredible memories.

I’m not sure if I qualify for any of the positions you have listed. Should I even bother applying?

Absolutely, yes. These positions are areas where we’re always needing extra help, but we don’t need someone with three years experience to get the job done– we just need someone who’s available. Chances are, you’re more qualified than you think you are. In any case, we’ll do our best to match you to the right position for your academic track, career goals and ministry interests. If you don’t see your passion listed above, don’t let that stop you. More than likely, we’ll still be able to put you to work doing what you love.

Oh and one more thing– as any of our missionaries can tell you, just because you have a title and job description doesn’t mean that’s all you’re going to do. As part of a small team, you can expect to dabble in pretty much everything. We all have to work together to get the job done.