Church Planting

We believe that the best way for us to leave a long-lasting impact on the nation of Malawi is by spreading the Gospel. That’s why we’ve partnered with local pastors to plant over 50 churches across the country! When a local pastor approaches us about starting a church in his village, we always begin with evangelism. Short-term missions teams go into the village and share the story of Jesus with the residents through dramas, films and door-to-door evangelism. Then we connect those who are interested in knowing Jesus with the local pastor and just like that, a small church is born.

We then connect the young church with a US church that would like to support them as they grow. Together, the two churches work to raise the funds they need to build a simple building, buy bibles and fill the building with some benches. But most importantly, the churches agree to pray for and support each other. Thanks to our church partners, we are seeing the Gospel spread all across Malawi– even among Unreached People Groups.

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