About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide and care for the widows and orphans in the Madzanje region of Malawi. It comes straight from the Bible:

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” –James 1:27

We take that literally. It is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to care for those who cannot care for themselves. In Malawi, nearly 17 percent of the population is orphaned. These children are more likely to drop out of school, grow up malnourished and find themselves with children of their own that they can’t care for. Malawi needs people to break that cycle. In 2009, God called us.

“You can do what you can do,” God said. “Now do it.” 

And so we built Esther’s House, a modest campus in the rural Madzanje region. Out of this campus, we care for over 80 orphans living with extended family in nearby villages, we house 8 children who have no other home and we care for 75 aging widows. We own many acres of farmland where we are working to grow all of the food we consume on our campus. We also use our campus as a base for planting churches all across the country, providing disaster relief during times of flood and drought and drilling wells in communities without fresh water.

Above all, our campus is a safe place for children and adults in need to come and find care, food and the love of Jesus. We’d love to have you join us. Visit our “Go” page to find out about how you can serve in Malawi or click the button below to change the life of a child from right where you are.


Meet our Staff

Stanley is our Director of Spiritual Development at Esther’s House. He wears many hats; spiritually leading our children, widows, staff and missionaries. He also oversees our church plants along with discipling the pastors. He is passionate about sharing the Gospel and shows the Jesus Film and starts Proclaimer groups as often as he can.


Mishek is our education liaison between Esther’s House and the six schools our children attend. He tutors our Standard 5 and 6 children along with 1 on 1 tutoring sessions with our struggling kids. He is an invaluable help in navigating the Malawi educational system. Mishek is a certified primary school teacher.


Stonard is our day security guard. He keeps our campus safe and secure and does it with joy and excellence! Stonard spent 23 years in the Malawian army and comes to us highly trained.



Bruce is married to Getrude and has a daughter named Vickie. He and Getrude began working at Esther’s House on the first day it opened. They do an excellent job as house parents to our 9 residential children. Bruce wears many hats such as football coach, translater, and oversees our feeding centers.



Getrude is Bruce’s wife and house mom to our residential children. On top of the many responsibilities a house mom has, she also buys all of our produce, teaches skills classes, and counsels our girls here at Esther’s House.


Eunice is our head cook here at Esther’s House, preparing lunch daily for over 100 children and staff. On Saturdays, she cooks for over 175 orphans, widows, and staff. Eunice is a widow who cares for three of her grandchildren and is the secretary at her church.


Patricia is dedicated to cooking and serving our children, widows, and staff here at Esther’s House. Patricia was one of the first employees here and cooked for our widows before their was a physical structure at Esther’s House. She and Eunice are such a team and asset to our ministry!


Esimy is our tailor here at Esther’s House. She sews all the children’s school uniforms. She also trains the women in our “single mom” sewing program. Esimy is also involved with teaching our children here how to sew through skills classes.


Andrew is a member on our night security team. He is a certified teacher and has 8 years experience as a policeman for the Malawian government.


Locket is a member of our night security team. Locket cares for his wife and son along with his 2 orphaned brother and sister-in-laws (that are in our orphan community program). Locket is a hard worker and dedicated employee.


Dixon is part of our night security team. Dixon has had different roles at Esther’s House the past few years and always works with all his heart. He has 3 relatives that are in our community orphan program.


Gilbert is our campus manager here at Esther’s House. He holds many responsibilities including: campus beautification, managing crews, assisting with medical needs, organizing food purchases from the community, and tutoring. We couldn’t do what we do without Gilbert!


Enita plays a huge role in keeping our residential children and campus clean. She daily washes all the clothes and bedding for our residential children along with keeping our bathrooms clean. Enita is a respected member of our community and cares for several children and relatives besides our own children.


Lemious is our campus construction overseer. He helps keep EH looking nice with the continual construction projects and repairs that go along with a large campus. You may find Lemious building sink one day and helping build a new church plant another!


Symon is the head gardener at Esther’s House. He is in charge of growing the food and flowers inside our walls and outside. Symon helps us greatly with producing food to feed the orphans and widows in our program.


Henry is a member of our night security team. He has many years of experience as a security guard. Henry is a husband and father and active in his church.

Meet our Missionaries

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David Wilson is the director of operations for Esther’s House. He manages our 17 Malawian staff and helps delegate tasks to the rest of our team. He also oversees all our construction projects.

Catherine Wilson oversees our sponsorship program: she enrolls new children and keeps sponsors up-to-date. She also oversees our brand new sewing workshop and she teaches skills classes to the children in the afternoons.

Titus Fern is our director of agriculture, buildings and grounds. He manages our agricultural program and is working to develop a long-term plan for how to grow consistent yields. He also works with David on construction projects.

Ashley Fern oversees all our education programs. She tutors primary students three days a week and works with our Malawian education staff to make sure classrooms are stocked and students are learning.

Pure Mission began as an act of obedience. A missions pastor from Arkansas heard the Lord telling him to start a ministry to care for widows and orphans in Malawi– so he did. Since then, God has blown us way time and again with His faithfulness and provision. When we think about where we started, we can hardly believe where we are today. Ours is an incredible story. Read all about it.

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