Residential Orphan Care

We provide a loving family to orphaned children who have no one else to care for them, because every child deserves a home. Learn more about our model and sponsor a child.



Community Orphan Care

For orphans who live with extended family, we provide meals, school fees, tutoring and spiritual discipleship. Learn more about our model and sponsor a child.



Widow Care

We provide widows with a close support system and everything they need to care for themselves and their dependents. Learn more about our model and sponsor a widow.


Our Missionaries

The Wilson Family

The Hanson Family

These families live and work full time in the warm heart of Africa. If you want to support the ongoing work of Esther’s House, consider giving to their monthly support.

Support Monthly

Esther’s House was established in 2009 primarily as an orphanage for children who had lost both parents. It has since grown into a community center for local, sponsored children and widow(er)s to provide help in living healthier, more productive lives focused in Christ.